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New Tech: Boost Mobile LG Venice Review


I was excited to receive the Boost Mobile “LG Venice” phone. I quickly opened the package to hold a super light weight phone weighing only 4.23 ounces. The phone almost feels like air in your hands!

 When you turn on the phone you notice the cool custom artwork of this silver plated back cellphone. It gives the option to quick launch your most used apps such as the dial pad, text message, email and of course the most used app, the camera.
It seems as the android phones come out, their more equipped with Google applications. The LG Venice comes equipped with Google Chrome, Google Plus, Gmail, Google Play Music, Google talk, Google Search and YouTube straight out the box. In total, this phone comes with 42 apps fresh preloaded.
I get more amazed as I explore the options of the phone; so moving along to test the web browser, I notice a pop up that talks about a pretty cool feature called “Gesture Zoom.” It’s a new feature that’s slightly different from the “pinch and zoom.” It’s a lot more fluid and here’s is how it works. You click on the web browser app and once that’s loaded, you want to tap the “menu tabs” button. After that, press and hold on to the phone symbol with the plus sign in the middle of it. While holding, tilt the phone towards you and away from you, to see the it zoom in and out.
Now let’s talk specs. So the phone has a 5 mega pixel camera with a very fast shooter speed. 540 minutes of talk time, 4.3″ display screen, 4 GB internal storage and room for a micro SD card. All in all, a very good phone! If your a Boost Mobile customer, check shop and buy your LG Venice for $219.



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